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Verbs to talk about New Year’s Resolutions in Portuguese

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Escrito por Yes Portuguese em janeiro 7, 2021
Verbs to talk about New Year’s Resolutions in Portuguese
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2021 just started! And every year we begin full of expectations and plans, am I right? We Brazilians love to write our New Year’s resolutions and we try very hard, at least during the first few weeks of the incoming year, to remember and follow it. To make our New Year’s resolutions we use the future tenses. Therefore, today we are going to review different ways of expressing the future in Portuguese and some verbs and phrases that are very common regarding New Year’s resolutions. So in this post, you will learn verbs to talk about New Year’s Resolutions in Portuguese.

Using the Future in Portuguese

1. Compound future, or immediate future, or future with verb IR

It is very similar to the English future with “going to”. It’s formed with ir (to go) in the present and followed by the main verb in the infinitive. You can use this to talk about plans, decisions and expectations. Learn more about the compound future in this post right here. https://yesportuguese.com/compound-future-in-portuguese/


Eu vou comer menos doces. (I’m going to eat less sweets.)

Eu vou estudar mais. (I’m going to study more.)

2. Indicative future

Corresponds to the English future using will. It is formed by adding the endings -ei, -á, -emos, -ão, to the infinitive of the verb.


Nós te ajudaremos a aprender português. (We will help you to learn Portuguese.)

Vocês terão mais conteúdo para estudar português este ano. (You will have more content to study Portuguese this year.)

Common New Year’s resolutions and verbs:

Ler mais. (Read more.)

Passar mais tempo com a família. (Spend more time with family.)

Emagrecer. (Lose weight.)

Economizar. (Save money.)

Guardar dinheiro. (Save money)

Parar de fumar. (Quit smoking.)

Aprender algo novo. (Learn something new.)

Beber menos. (Drink less.)

Me exercitar regularmente. (Exercise regularly.)

Ter uma alimentação saudável. (Eat healthy.)

Comer saudável. (Eat healthy)

Ter mais tempo livro. (Have more free time)

Viajar mais. (Travel more)

Fazer dieta. (Make a diet)

Estudar com Yes Portuguese (Study with Yes Portuguese)

Me tornar um Yepper (Become a Yepper)

Now, if you want to watch a full class about this topic, CLICK HERE and watch it on Youtube. You will find more examples and extra explanations and a lot of fun!

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