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Organizing sentences with Prepositions in Portuguese

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Escrito por Yes Portuguese em novembro 26, 2020
Organizing sentences with Prepositions in Portuguese
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Olá! This post is very important! You are going to learn how to organize a sentence with a preposition in Portuguese. Some sentences need to have a specific preposition, which is required by a specific verb. Here we will learn some of them and – of course – practice them! Ready?

What is a preposition?

First, we need to understand what a preposition is.

List of Portuguese prepositions:

acima deabove
antes de/perantebefore
após/depois deafter
diante de/perantein front of
perto denear

Verbs that requires a preposition to connect them to the complement:

1. estar em

Eles estão em casa. (They are at home)

2. precisar de

Precisamos de ajuda. (We need help)

3. voltar para

Ela voltou para a casa tarde. (She returned home late)

4. gostar de

Eu gosto de vinho branco. (I like white wine)

5. parar de

Ela quer parar de trabalhar. (She wants to stop working)

6. começar a

Ele começou a aprender português há um mês. (He started learning Portuguese one month ago).

7. acabar de

Acabei de comer. (I just ate.)

Now you will never make a mistake with these verbs. Practice creating your own sentences. You can leave a comment with them and we will correct them for you! Good luck!

If you want to see the pronunciation of the sentences above and more examples and extra explanations, watch the full class we had on Youtube about it. Just CLICK HERE to watch it. 


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One Reply to “Organizing sentences with Prepositions in Portuguese”

Nathan Cosker

Highly energetic article, I loved that a lot.

Will there be a part 2?