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Have you ever tried Brigadeiro? | Brazilian Food & Sweets

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Escrito por Yes Portuguese em maio 11, 2020
Have you ever tried Brigadeiro?  |  Brazilian Food & Sweets
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Have you ever tried Brigadeiro? If you have ever been to a Brazilian birthday party, you have certainly tried this dark little ball. 

Made of condensed milk, chocolate powder and butter, this is a must-have in  celebrations in Brazil. In these occasions, people serve small balls of sweets called “docinhos“, and Brigadeiro is the most popular among them. 

Where and when did it arise?

Brigadeiro was created in Rio de Janeiro city by Heloísa Nabuco de Oliveira, in 1946. When creating a candy, she decided to name it with the rank of the presidential candidate supported by her family, Brigadier (Brigadeiro) Eduardo Gomes.

The candy was created to help raising funds for the brigadier campaign. While the candy became extremely popular across the country, Eduardo Gomes was not as successful, losing the election to General Gaspar Dutra.

Brigadeiro of all flavors

Recently, Brigadeiros have become a new trendy and people started to make them in different flavours. Today you can find Brigadeiros of strawberry, caramel, coffee, orange, and many others. Have you ever tried brigadeiro of different flavour?
In addition, stores specialized in the production of Brigadeiros were opened: the Brigaderias. Now if you are craving this amazing candy, you just need to find a nice Brigaderia and delight yourself!

If you are looking for a recipe, you can find one here. Try it at home and let us know in the comment section below what did you think about it!

Do you wanna know more about Brazilian sweets? Check this other post here about beijinho.


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