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Beijinho | Brazilian Food & Sweets

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Escrito por Yes Portuguese em agosto 22, 2020
Beijinho | Brazilian Food & Sweets
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Beijinho is one of the delicious sweets (and very sweet as well) that we Brazilians make. It is very popular in birthday parties and loved by almost everyone! Have you ever tried it?


What is beijinho made of?

The main ingredient is condensed milk, which in Portuguese is leite condensado, or more traditionally known as Leite Moça. This name is because of the picture of a lady in the can of condensed milk that was imported from USA before it started to be made in Brazil. In 1921, Nestlé (a famous Brazilian brand) started to produce their own condensed milk in Brazilian territory and they decided to call it Leite Moça, since it was already popular among Brazilians.

Beyond condensed milk, beijinho has butter and dried coconut in their recipe. You just mix everything together and you will have a delicious sweet!

Really? Just mix everything together and it is ready to eat?

Actually no. You need put everything in a pan and take to the stove. Follow the following step: in a pan, mix the condensed milk and the butter. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until it comes off the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat, add the coconut, and then place your dough in a buttered dish and let cool. When it is cooler, make small balls and pass them in the grated coconut. Now it is ready!

You can check the original recipe in Nestlé website, right here.

Which is better: beijinho or brigadeiro?

This is a question that only you can answer. You need to try both of them and make your mind. I honestly prefer to have both! But some people have strong opinion about these two sweets. What I can tell you is that no party should happen without having both of them.

Check this post here about brigadeiro. Maybe it can help you to decide! Then leave a comment, telling us which one is your favorite!


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