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How to use audios to learn Portuguese

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Escrito por Yes Portuguese em maio 9, 2020
How to use audios to learn Portuguese
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One of the most difficult parts when learning a new language is to be able to understand what native speakers say. Often the reason is that we don’t practice our oral comprehension enough. Or, when we do it, we do it in a wrong way.

I explain. Listening to audios that don’t really reproduce real conversations in terms of vocabulary, structure and pronunciation will ruin your listening skills because it won’t prepare you for real life situations. 

That’s why the dialogues Yes Portuguese prepare for you are so resourceful. 

* You can find all the dialogues we have sent in this link: (LINK)

What you get is the language people really use nowadays in Brazil.

However, just listening to these audios is not enough for your development. Actually, you can use these dialogues we provide in a deeper way that can help you upgrade other skills such as pronunciation.

I want to show you a very simple way to improve different skills with the audios sent by Yes Portuguese in our WhatsApp Group.

To study Portuguese with the Yes Portuguese dialogues, do the following:

  1. Listen twice to the dialogue “Acabei de comprar uma coisa na internet!”. This will train your listening.
  2. Now listen to it and read the transcriptions in Portuguese. This will help you identify what wasn’t clear.

3. Do that again but now reading out loud the transcriptions (at the same time as the audio). You can do this as much as you want. This will help you with your pronunciation and intonation.

4. Now read the transcriptions underlying the words you know the meaning.

5. Circle all the words you don’t know, and take note of them, together with sentences where they are. Look for their meaning and write the meaning next to the words. Remember to check them again from time to time. This will help you develop your knowledge in vocabulary, expressions and even grammar.

Now, if you want to see these steps in practice, I show you how you can do it and explain the expressions and vocabulary used on the dialogue in the class below. It was a live class in our Youtube Channel, but you can also watch it here.


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